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Two Bodies, One Soul

Photography by: Happy Pictures Photography Firm

19 January, 2017





Pre-wedding Shoot 1


The Countdown Begins


The two lovebirds were totally lost into each other during their pre-wedding shoot. With their eyes locked, they were oblivious to everything else.

Engagement 2


One Step Closer


On their engagement, Ronie dazzled in a traditional Manipuri dress while Hunny wore a navy suit. The duo was beaming with joy as they exchanged rings.

Our dapper groom was seen enjoying all the attention as the family members from both the sides bestowed blessings on him. Just look at him to believe!

Haldi Function 3


Haldi is Good


Haldi wards off infections & brightens one's complexion. The couple's family slathered the two with Haldi paste and wished for their conjugal bliss.

Varmala 4


Floral Union


Ronie looked breathtaking in a red-beige outfit & gold jewelry as she walked towards the center stage for 'Varmala,' leaving the onlookers speechless.

The lavish Bhopal wedding included a beautiful lotus-shaped center stage, on which the couple exchanged the garlands made from red roses & tuberoses.

The duo looked just made for each other as they posed post-Varmala for a pic. Hunny matched his pretty bride by wearing a cream sherwani & red turban.

Wedding 5


The Eternal Promises


Ronie changed into a bright yellow sari as the couple took 'Pheras' around the holy fire. They made seven promises for a harmonious & prosperous life.

The Phera led to Kanyadaan - the giving away of the bride to the groom by her parents. The duo's feet were washed with milk & water for purification.

At the end of the wedding, Hunny applied vermilion on Ronie's hair partition, thus pronouncing her as his wife. We wish the couple all the very best!

Every girl wants her man to treat her like a queen. Ronie is indeed a lucky soul to have Hunny in her life who looked completely smitten by her charm.